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Delkor Silver Calcium Batteries in Australia

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Delkor has introduced into Australia their internationally renowned Silver Calcium range of starting/cranking batteries and R & J Batteries are the exclusive Australian agent.
Having firmly established themselves as a manufacturer of superior quality automotive, commercial, marine and deep cycle batteries, the Silver Calcium range is a very welcome addition.

Whilst Delkor batteries have a long standing reputation for outstanding performance and durability, the Silver Calcium range has been introduced so as to provide an alternative starting battery option for equipment working in severe conditions.

The benefits of Silver Calcium Batteries include;
• Up to 30 % more Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) than a comparable Calcium/Calcium battery
• Stronger plates for better vibration resistance
• Reduced amount of plate shedding and growth
• Very low self-discharge rates
• Longer service life than comparable Calcium/Calcium batteries
• Improved performance in extreme temperatures
• Sealed & Maintenance Free design
• High Strength Polypropylene case
• Patented leak proof Labyrinth cap
• Backfire protection and spark arrestors
• Built in Hydrometer (some models only)

Applications covered by Delkor Silver Calcium Batteries includes, modern Australian and European vehicles, high performance autos and vehicles working in harsh enviroments
The Delkor Silver Calcium range is distributed exclusive by R & J Batteries. With stores and distributors in all states R & J Batteries can distribute and support your Delkor Battery needs across the nation. For more information call 1300 769 282. Stockist and distributor enquiries welcome.